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4 Pictures Everyday Lip-syncing Kiss From A Rose (2019)

I took 4 pictures of myself every day for a year lip-syncing Seal

Cool S Font (2017)

A font inspired by that cool pointy S.

The Birdwatcherwatcher - Short Film (2016)

Tom Goulet creates the most important short film of all time. 

The Almond (2013)

A fun day turns scary.

Shrek Retold Scene 72 (Extended Edition) (2018)

My contribution to Shrek Retold

Waterboard Commercial (2016)

Guantanamo Play's newest toy, the Waterboard.

Cereal Dust - Short Documentary (2014)

Documentary film maker, Tom Goulet, tries to solve world hunger by getting people to save their cereal dust. 

Turn My Headphones Up Vol. 1 (2017)

All your favorite headphone makes in one incredible CD.

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